Headlight Sealant Information
While many automotive manufactures produce their headlamps with a butyl based lens sealant, some automotive headlights use a permanent sealant between the front clear lens and the back housing to create a permanent bond. This bond provides superior protection against water and debris from entering. However, when it comes to separating the lens from the back housing on PERMASEALED headlamps it creates certain risks that we would like you to be aware of. 
The temperatures and the number of times that the headlight is baked is increased to loosen the permanent sealant. This usually requires several rounds in the oven to separate the lens from the back housing. Once separated, the back housing and front lens housing need to go individually to soften the remainder of the sealant. Once the original sealant is fully removed, it is then replaced with our high quality Morimoto RetroRubber buty sealant. 
Due to the strength of the original bond, along with the increased times and temperatures the lights are heated at, some risks are present: 
-Edges of the back housing and front clear lens cover may have additional pry marks 
-Mounting tabs may tear 
-Amber reflectors may become deformed 
-Micro-fractures may occur in the front clear lens cover on low quality lenses due to increased temperatures 
-Screws may be used to around the housing to hold the lens cover tight to the back housing of the headlight. *Usually necessary in order to keep water and debris from entering the headlight. 
By providing RIHIDs with permanently sealed headlight housings (permasealed), you assume all risks stated above.  
RIHIDs holds the right to use our own discretion when sealing lenses and methods used, by accepting our quote said customers agree to all published terms.  RIHIDs holds the right to void any warranty at any time if standard warranty practices are not followed.
Standard Product Warranty information
Standard RIHIDs products - 90 day warranty. Bulb warranties DO NOT apply to color fading.  Warranty valid to the original purchaser valid only with proof of purchase from the original purchase date.
Custom Headlight Warranty information
We warranty our builds against any moisture, water leakage, paint  finish flaws for 1 year. Any HID components sold as part of a custom headlight build hold a 24 month warranty, while led work holds 6 month warranty. Any and all products which hold a longer manufactures’ warranty will be extended to the customer and replaced at no product cost. Warranty does not cover misuse, improper installation or accidental cracking.  Warranty is non transferable and valid to the original purchaser only with copy of original invoice. Customer is responsible for any and all costs associated with providing RIHIDs with said warranty claimed products (ie: shipping costs, transportation costs, others labor costs).
Warranty does not cover physical damage, water damage, or tampering. Warranties are subject to physical inspection and bench testing before replacement. Customers who opt to install their own parts must properly mount and secure all components. Faulty installations void any and all warranties expressed. RIHIDs is not responsible for any preexisting conditions that may cause damage or premature failure to products (ie: cracked or damaged housings, damaged wiring, etc).

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